1. The following are OTC medicines EXCEPT?

2. 2.  1000microgram is equivalent to



3. 3. What is the meaning of sos on a prescription



4. 4. Which of the following correctly explains amp on the prescription?



5. 5. Which of the following correctly explains OD on a prescription?




  1. What is the meaning of narist on a prescription?


  1. The following are vehicles EXCEPT?


  1. The following medicine can be taken during 1st trimester of pregnancy EXCEPT?

9. 9. The section of a package insert in which a medication is not supposed to be used or may put patients with certain medical condition at a higher risks for dangerous side effects if they use the medication is known as ……………..



10. 10. SL medication are to be taken by



11. 11. Which of the following preparation have a local effect?



12. 12. …………….. are liquid preparation composed of active ingredient and ethanol



13. 13. The head of the Ministry of Health is ………….



14. 14. The following are duties of the Pharmacy Council EXCEPT?



15. 15. These are true of a valid prescription EXCEPT?



16. 16. The safest medicine to be used for anti-inflammatory treatment would be



17. 17. The following are dewormers EXCEPT



18. 18. The warning label ʻDo not take more than 2 at any one time. Do not take more than 8 in 1dayʼ must be used when dispensing?



19. 19. The warning label ʻDo not take indigestion remedies at the same time of day as this medicine ʼ must be used when dispensing this type of tablet?



20. 20. A/an ………………… is a bill issued by one who has provided products and/or services to a customer.



21. 21. What is the full meaning of NSAIDs?



22. 22. The generic name for Flagentyl is …………………..



23. 23. In a Pharmacy setting, Which of the following is a good posture for communication



24. 24. Who is responsible for classification of medicines?



25. 25. The most important attitude of anyone practicing pharmaceutical care is …………..



26. 26. Which of the following drug is a Class A medication?



27. 27. A chemical sellers license is limited because of which of the following



28. 28. Which of the following is not a duty of an inspecting Officer?



29. 29. The following factors defines a disease to be called non-infectious except



30. 30.  The following are symptoms of COVID-19 EXCEPT



31. 31. Which of the following is the emergency contact for reporting a suspected COVID-19 case in a pharmacy



32. 32. The following causes medication in OTC facility to become unwholesome except



33. 33. Which of the following Qualifications for being a chemical seller or applicant for chemical sellers’ license?



34. 34. A licensed chemical seller, will have committed an offense if , EXCEPT



35. 35. Mr PHC owns an over the counter medicine shop. Which of the following way can he write his sign board?



36. 36. Mrs Adjei rushed her 4year old daughter to your pharmacy. She had fever, chills and bitter taste in the mouth and pain. What closed questions would you ask?



37. 37. Assuming the patient took an oral medication for the above condition, and the patient vomits. Within which time can the dose be taken again



38. 38. Which of the following is not correct in accordance to the levels in providing healthcare in Ghana?



39. 39. The following are roles of a MCA EXCEPT



40. 40. The following are members of the pharmaceutical care team Except?



41. 41. The following prescription is brought to your pharmacy

Tab Flagyl ii qd * 5/7

How many tablets will you dispense?



42. 42. A prescription for MMT: 10mls q8h *10/7. Volume of a bottle 100ml. How many bottles will you give?



43. 43. What is a common side effect of Cyproheptadine?



44. 44. What type of dosage form is a powder?



45. 45. The shelf life of a reconstituted antimalarial powder of suspension is:




  1. The daily sales book in the pharmacy can be used to obtain all the following information except;

47. 47. To prevent shortage or surplus in the pharmacy, MCAs should………………




48. 48. The following are method of contraception EXCEPT



49. 49. The following are all viral diseases EXCEPT



50. 50. Children ……………. and below are at risk of dying from malaria



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