1. The following are OTC medicines EXCEPT?

2. 2.      One(1) Litre is equivalent to


3. 3.  What is the meaning of prn on a prescription


4. 4.  Which of the following correctly explains ac on the prescription?


5. 5.  Which of the following correctly explains od on a prescription?



  1. What is the meaning of gutt on a prescription?

7. 7.      The following are excipients EXCEPT?


8. 8.      The following medicines can be taken during pregnancy EXCEPT?


9. 9.      Unexpected effects that may vary from persons to person that may happen when certain people take certain medications are referred to as


10. 10.      Suppositories are meant to be inserted into the


11. 11.      Which of the following preparation have a local effect?


12. 12.      Suspensions are liquid preparation composed of


13. 13.      The title of the head of the Pharmacy Council is


14. 14.      The following are duties of the Pharmacy Council EXCEPT?


15. 15.      These are true of a valid prescription EXCEPT?


16. 16.      Medicines with Analgesic properties are use to relieve


17. 17.      The following are haematinics EXCEPT


18. 18.      The warning label ʻAvoid alcoholic drinks ʼ must be used when dispensing?


19. 19.      The warning label ʻ Avoid dairy products ʼ must be used when dispensing?


20. 20.      A ………………… is the recipient of services, product or an idea from a seller in exchange for money


21. 21.      What is the full meaning of ACTs?


22. 22.      Prescription Only Medicines (POM) should be dispensed with a valid prescription. All the following are examples of POMs EXCEPT


23. 23.      In a Pharmacy setting, poor communication could lead to discontentment with services provided. This result in


24. 24.      What name is given to individuals that were preparing drugs for patients based on formulas written by doctors


25. 25.      The role of the pharmacy practice regulator (Pharmacy Council) is:


26. 26.      Which of the following statements about primary care is true?


27. 27.      A disease being self-limiting means


28. 28.      The following are symptoms of COVID-19 EXCEPT


29. 29.      How long does a suspected COVID-19 patient remain in isolation


30. 30.      Which of these is a way one can protect themselves from COVID-19 disease


31. 31.      The shelf life of a product refers


32. 32.      The Pharmacy receives and serves prescription from


33. 33.      In the event of misconduct of an MCA in the performance of his/her duties, all of these may be applied EXCEPT


34. 34.      Mrs Adjei rushed her 3year old daughter to your pharmacy. She had diarrhea and was in severe pain. What probing questions would you ask?


35. 35.      What action should you take in relation to the above?


36. 36.      The scope of health service environment extends from Health education, promotion and prevention to


37. 37.      In the health service environment, treatment centres include the following


38. 38.      The following are roles of a Pharmacist EXCEPT


39. 39.      The following are members of the pharmaceutical care team EXCEPT?


40. 40.      The following prescription is brought to your pharmacy

Tab paracetamol 1g tid * 5/7

How many tablets will you dispense?


41. 41.      A prescription for MMT: 15mls qid *7/7. What volume will you give?


42. 42.       What is a common side effect of Chlorpheniramine?


43. 43.      What type of dosage form is an emulsion?


44. 44.      The shelf life of a reconstituted azithromycin powder of suspension is:


45. 45.  In the use of ophthalmic preparations, the tip of the eye drop should not touch


46. 46.  The control of fertility to prevent pregnancy is termed


47. 47.  The following are all chronic diseases EXCEPT


48. 48.  Using computer based system in a pharmacy offers the following advantages EXCEPT


49. 49.  The following are steps that can be taken to prevent the spread  of cholera EXCEPT


50. 50.  The most common cause of death in children with severe unmanaged diarrhoea is


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