1. 1.      In receiving drugs from suppliers, MCAs must do all the following except,


2. 2.      Drugs to be taken before meals most often are taken


3. 5.      The dose of Zinc to be given to a child of 2years with diarrhoea is


4. 6.      The virus that causes COVID 19 is called


5. 7.      The following are macronutrients except


6. 8.      The BMI of a lady weight a weight of 65kg and height of 1.69 is


7. 9.      The name given to vitamin B1 deficiency is


8. 10.      The following are opioids except


9. 11.      NSAID’s include all the following except


10. 12.      Anaemia can be caused by


11. 13.      Antitussives are medicines that


12. 14.      A cough with blood may be caused by all except


13. 15.      The following are all antimalarial’s used in  Ghana except


14. 16.      The following can boost the immunity of a person with the exception of


15. 17.      Artemether/Lumefantrine should be taken with


16. 18.      An example of a topical decongestant is


17. 19.      The following are non-sedating antihistamines except


18. 20.      The main symptom of malaria is


19. 21.      Constipation can be caused by


20. 22.      The following are classes of laxatives except


21. 23.      The laxative of choice in the management of constipation is


22. 24.      The following people are at risk of dying from malaria except


23. 25.      COVID 19 is caused by a


24. 26.      The total number of tablets to dispense for this prescription ” Tab Paracetamol  1g tid * 5/7” with strength of 500mg per tablet is


25. 27.       The total number of pessaries to dispense for this prescription”

Clotrimazole Vaginal Pess. 200mg nocte *3/7” with strength of 200mg per pess is


26. 28.      The total number of capsules to dispense for this prescription”

Cap. Fluconazole 150mg each other week * 6” with strength of 150mg per capsule is


27. 29.      The total number of capsules to dispense for this prescription”

Cap. Boniva 300mg monthly *8/12” with strength of 150mg per capsule is


28. 30.      The total number of capsules to dispense for this prescription ” Tab. Glibenclamide 10mg mane,5mg nocte dly * 3/12” with strength of 5mg per capsule is


29. 31.      The appropriate number of bottles to dispense for this prescription” syr. Multivite 5ml tid* 2/12” with a volume of 120ml


30. 32.      The following are basic precautions in drug use except


31. 33.      The minimum information on label shall include all except


32. 34.      The following are causes of irrational drug use except


33. 35.      The first step in the dispensing process is


34. 36.      Which of the following is not a dispensing error


35. 37.      An Expiry date is an important aspect in the life of a product because  beyond it


36. 38.      Patients should be counselled to ………..before they handle medications


37. 39.      Patients are to hold the bottle with the label toward the palm of the hand to avoid ….the label


38. 40.      Which of the following is an example of semisolid drugs?


39. 41.      The best time to administer a rectal drug intended for a systemic effect is:


40. 42.      Which of the following is not a method of parenteral administration routes?


41. 43.      Which of the following is the route of administration of a drug that is placed between the gums and the cheek?


42. 44.      How many doses will be dispensed for Tab Paramol ii tid*1/52


43. 45.      The number of doses needed for Supp Anusol ii stat, i bid *5/7 is


44. 46.       Demerol® syrup 75 mg PO q4h prn pain. At the pharmacy is Demerol® syrup 50 mg/5 mL.

One dose equals how many mL?


45. 47.      The order is for Trilisate® liquid 1gm PO tid. On hand is a supply of Trilisate® liquid 500 mg/2.5 mL. What is one dose, in mL?


46. 48.        Maalox Plus® is available in 30 mL containers. The order is for 30 mL PO 30 minutes pc am and hs. How many containers will be needed for a 48 -hour period?


47. 49.      The order is for Orinase® 250 mg PO bid. On hand is Orinase® 0.5 g tablets. How many tablets, which are scored in half, are correct for one dose?


48. 50.      Advise a client to relax for 15-20 minutes after taking SL medication to prevent


49. 51.      The topical route of administration of drugs refers to the


50. 52.      A Medicine labelled as Take two tablets three times daily can be taken


51. 53.      If a patient vomits ………after taking a oral medicine, the dose can be taken again


52. 54.      The correct dose regimen for taking artemether and lumefantrine is


53. 55.      The following are attributes of a label except


54. 56.      The abbreviation aurist. Means


55. 57.      The abbreviation collyr.


56. 58.      The abbreviation Tsp


57. 59.      The abbreviation AS


58. 60.      Eye ointment is applied to  in a thin ribbon, into the


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