1. 1. Pharmacy was thought to have originated from


2. 2. The Dispensing school in the Gold Coast was set up in


3. 3. The modern concept of Pharmacy practice is centered on the new term


4. 4. Nobody shall practice as a pharmacist or pharmaceutical care provider unless he’s


5. 5. The chemical seller’s license authorizes a person to engage in the


6. 6. The Ghana Health service (GHS) was established by an act of parliament


7. 7. The food and drugs board is a state institution responsible for


8. 8. The pharmacy is the first point of call in most


9. 9. Pharmacists can give treatment for simple diseases of common occurrence except


10. 10. The Pharmaceutical care team can do the following except


11. 11. The following can cause the cancellation of certificate of registration of an MCA except.


12. 12. Which of the following can operate a retail alone


13. 13. A re- constituted preparation can be stored in the fridge and used within.


14. 14. Common cold is self limiting; this means


15. 15. Genital Ulcers can increase a patient’s susceptibility to


16. 16.     The signs and symptoms of uncomplicated malaria  includes none except


17. 17.      The therapeutic efficacy of drugs can sometimes be discussed with patients


18. 18.      Malaria is the commonest cause of ………..in adults and children in Ghana.


19. 20.      Scurvy is the deficiency of


20. 21.      Vitamin A is necessary for


21. 22.      Night blindness is as a result of lack of


22. 23.      Products can be used within a grace period of…………..after their expiry date.


23. 24.      Pellagra is a deficiency of the


24. 25.      The inability of a person’s blood to clot is as a result of  the lack of


25. 26.      Analgesics  and anti-pyretic are medicines use for alleviating


26. 27.      The recommended paracetamol tablets for adults in 24hrs should not exceed


27. 28.      Non Steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs excludes all except


28. 29.      Reyes Syndrome is as a result of the drug


29. 30.      Malaria is caused by the malaria parasite


30. 31.      ……………is still the first drug of choice for the treatment of simple malaria


31. 32.      Pyrimethamine and ………….. containing medicines are used for malaria prevention


32. 33.      Artemether and Lumefantrine is currently one of the drug combination for treating


33. 34.      Artesunate is   contraindicated in


34. 35.      Magnesium containing antacids may cause


35. 36.      Antacids interfere with the absorption of


36. 37.      Simeticone is added to antacid as an


37. 38.      Enteric coated medicines (EC) should


38. 39.      Chlorhexidine gargle is


39. 40.      Metronidazole is commonly used for


40. 41.      The medicine counter Assistant can……… under the supervision of a pharmacist


41. 42.      All medicines are poisons,it is only the ………that determines whether it will kill or cure


42. 43.      Dexamethasone is


43. 44.      Penicillin V tablet  is classified as


44. 45.      Amoxicillin is an antibiotic that can be used to


45. 46.      A suspending agent helps the drug to be suspended in order for the


46. 48.      A suspending agent helps the drug to be suspended in order for the


47. 47.      Common cold and cough medicines containing pseudoephedrine is contraindicated in


48. 48.      If a patient is taking two capsules of Amoxicillin (500mg per capsule),then the strength is


49. 49.      The number of times a patient will take Tab ASA ii tid X 10/7 is…….time(s)


50. 50.      A patient  swallowed all her medicines for the prescription below within three days “Tab Clotrimazole 200mg PV X3/7”, what do you find wrong;


51. 33.   Dispersible tablets


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