1.      All the following are anti-pyretic EXCEPT


2. 2.       ___________________ is an example of an antifungal drug.


3. 3.      An example of an anthelmintic drug is


4. 4.      An example of a laxative is:


5. 5.      The generic name for Lumetrust is


6. 6.      Which of the following statement is false?


7. 7.      An example of an expectorant is


8. 8.      Name the 4 major parenteral routes of administration.


9. 9.      If a physician directs a patient to take a prescription q.d, how often should it be taken?


10. 10.      Why should you keep current in your skills and knowledge of pharmacy?


11. 11.      Iodine deficiency causes ______ disease.


12. 12.      Covid 19 spreads through


13. 13.      Covid-19, a condition that infects lung alveoli is caused by


14. 14.      Ringworm in humans is caused by


15. 15.      Drug interactions are ________.


16. 16.      Which of the following regulatory authorities is responsible for issuing marketing authorization for the importation and distribution of pharmaceutical products in Ghana?


17. 17.      The role of the pharmacy regulator (Pharmacy Council) is:


18. 18.      What is the role of the medicine counter assistant in the healthcare team?

I.   Dispensing Prescription Only Medication.

II. Dispensing OTC’s and managing diseases of common occurrence using OTC’s

III. Assisting in dispensing.


19. 19.      A radiologist is healthcare professional whose responsibility is …………..


20. 20.      A teaching hospital refers to:


21. 21.      The type of care offered at a community pharmacy is :


22. 22.       Assisting in the confirmation of diagnosis involves mainly which members of the healthcare team?


23. 23.      Which of the following is true with regards to the over the counter medicine seller’s license? The license allows for;


24. 24.      The over the counter medicine seller’s license is subject to:


25. 25.      In the administration of ciprofloxacin, which of the following should be avoided


26. 26.      Which of the following correctly matches brand/generic names?


27. 27.      The drug Miconazole comes in all of these dosage forms except?


28. 28.      Which of the following preparations is a solution?


29. 29.      The shelf life of a reconstituted cefuroxime powder for suspension is :


30. 30.      Which of the following groups of medication is mostly considered in the management of diarrhoea which presents with blood and mucus in stool?


31. 31.      Simeticone found in most antacids helps with:


32. 32.      Folic acid deficiency during pregnancy is associated with which of the following conditions?


33. 33.      A patient with BMI value of 6.5kg/m2 is considered to be ………….


34. 34.      Bonjela teething gel contains two active ingredients, lidocaine hydrochloride and cetalkonium chloride. The role of lidocaine is to acts as ………..


35. Questions 35–39 concern the following drugs:

A.  Lactulose

B. Peptobismol

C. Gyno-mycolex

D. Ciprofloxacin

E. Diflucan

Select, from A to E, which one of the above:

35.      Is indicated in urinary tract infection.


36. 36.      Is used in managing heartburns and diarrhoea.


37. 37.      An oral preparation for managing vaginal thrush.


38. 38.      Is a pessary for managing vaginal thrush


39. 39.      Is appropriate for managing constipation in children below the age of 2 years.


40. 40.      Drugs that could be used in nausea and vomiting  include:

                  I. Promethazine

                 II. Domperidone

                 III. Metoclopramide


41. 41.      The following drugs were arranged on the same shelf in a pharmacy. Enacef powder for Suspension, Zinnat powder for suspension, Enafix powder for suspension, Cefunate tablets, This type of arrangement is most likely arrangement by:


42. 42.      All the following factors are considered when making orders for new medications into a pharmacy except.


43. 43.      The number of stock that should not be exceeded at any given time is the:


44. 44.      The shelf life a product refers to:


45. 45.      Which of the following record books is needed to track the number of orders placed for medication is a particular month.


46. 46.      Asking open ended question when speaking to a customer in a pharmacy:


47. 47.      How long it takes for an order to get to you after requesting it refers to the


48. 48.      In handling expired drugs, which regulatory body is responsible ensuring safe disposal?


49. 49.      A medicine counter assistant certification must be renewed every


50. 50.      A medication order reads “Ciprofloxacin 500mg BID x 7/7”. What essential information is missing from this order?


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