1.      One of the following best defines Health. it is  a state of complete


2. 2.      The word ‘Hygieia’ is derived from


3. 3.      The word ‘Hygieia’ means


4. 4.      A balanced diet is a diet that contains the correct proportion of


5. 5.      A disease is defined as any deviation from health or any state when body is not at ease


6. 6.      All of the following are examples of pathogens EXCEPT


7. 7.      Which of the following  is a pandemic


8. 8.      One of the following is not a measure to prevent against diseases


9. 9.      What is the best way to control bleeding?


10. 10.      To treat a nosebleed, hold pressure on the bridge of the nose and have the person:


11. 11.      Always suspect shock if a person:


12. 12.      To flush an eye that has been exposed to a chemical, have the injured eye______ the unaffected eye.


13. 13.      To treat strains and sprains, use the acronym RICE, which means ______________:


14. 14.      What should you do for a diabetic person who acts confused or irritable?


15. 15.      An adrenaline injection is used to treat:


16. 16.      Difficulty breathing may be a sign of:


17. 17.      Signs of anaphylaxis (a severe allergic reaction) may include:


18. 18.      First degree burns usually produce


19. 19.      What should you do if you think someone has a broken leg?


20. 20.      Chemical burns caused by acids should be treated with


21. 21.      What should you do when someone has fainted?


22. 22.      One of these is NOT a drug used to treat diarrhoea


23. 23.      All the following may cause diarrhea except


24. 24.      ORS MEANS


25. 25.      Constipation can be managed with all of the following except


26. 26.      The parasite for causing malaria is


27. 27.      choose the odd one out for drugs used in the prevention of malaria


28. 28.      Sulphadoxine- Pyrimethamine should be given when pregnancy is


29. 29.      The drug of choice used in Ghana as first line for the treatment of malaria is


30. 30.      Which is the causative organism for candidiasis?


31. 31.      Choose the odd one out for sexual transmitted disease


32. 32.      AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease


33. 34.      In treating common cold in children, all the following drugs can be used except


34. 35.      Common cold is caused by which microorganism?


35. 36.      One of the following is a cough preparation


36. 37.      One of the following is not an example of worms


37. 38.      One of the following is not an anthelmintic


38. 39.      The causative organism for syphilis is


39. 40.      Vaccines are available against


40. 41.      Acute diarrhoea occurs as a result of EXCEPT


41. 42.      Dehydration may be caused due to reasons except ,


42. 43.      Immunity is body’s ability to defend against diseases.


43. 44.      NSAIDS means


44. 45.      All the following are NSAIDS except


45. 46.      Which one is not used for the treatment of gonorrhea


46. 47.       When treating one of sexually transmitted disease , one should also treat all sexual partners within the last three month


47. 48.       PEP means


48. 49.      Which is not a cold chain drug?


49. 50.      One of the following does not promote good listening skills


50. 33.      HIV can NOT be transmitted through the following ways EXCEPT


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