1. 1. Paracetamol elixir is called so because it contains


2. 2. Drugs are given by different route because



3. 3. Transdermal application of drugs is closely related to topical application, except that a



4. 4. A suspending agent helps the drug to be suspended in order for the



5. 5. The law governing the manufacture of drugs is obtained in the



6. 6.  Sublingual nifedipine 10mg should be



7. 7. Suppositories are for



8. 8. Cholera is caused by



9. 9. Common cold is caused by a



10. 10. Tuberculosis is a



11. 11. Chlorpheniramine is



12. 12. Rapid diagnostic testing is commonly done for diagnosing …..in the pharmacy



13. 13.  Whitfield’s ointment or compound benzoic acid is used for treating



14. 14.  ORS when mixed with water can be used within



15. 15.  Atenolol is an



16. 16. A cough that produces phlegm is known as


17. 17.  The tablet counting tray is an example of



18. 18.  The following are over the counter medicines except



19. 19.  Pregnancy test should be performed for a sexually active client when dispensing



20. 20.  Aspirin containing medicines cannot be given to children below 16 years because



21. 21.  Chloramphenicol eye drop



22. 22. ACT medicines are preferred for treating malaria because



23. 23.  The following classes of people venerable of dying from malaria except



24. 24.  Calamine lotion or cream is an emollient useful for



25. 25.  Promethazine should be used with caution in children two years and below because of



26. 26. Today contraceptive (Nonoxynol 9) is an example of an



27. 27. The most important advice to be given to a client taking an Antimalaria is



28. 28. Albendazole is a medicine that works as an



29. 29.  Folic acid is always given to pregnant woman because of



30. 30. Diabetes is a disease that arises because



31. 31. The following Topical preparations are for external use only except



32. 32.  The condom can reduce the incidence of all except



33. 33. The most important advice to give a client on preventing cholera is



34. 34. Hypertension is an example of a cardiovascular disease that can



35. 35.  The British national formulary is a reference book that gives drug  information on



36. 36. Loratidine is an



37. 37. Oral rehydration Salt is given to patients with diarrhea to improve all except



38. 38. Ferrous sulphate or Fersolate



39. 39. Fever is also known as



40. 40. Indoor Residual Spraying is a method that can be used to control



41. 41. An Insecticide Treated Material (ITM’s) includes



42. 42.  The pharmacy protocol is a set of guidelines which includes all except



43. 43. Powders are classified as



44. 44. Lozenges can be sucked slowly to produce a



45. 45.   The duties of the MCA includes all except



46. 46. The following prescription is brought to your pharmacy

Tab paracetamol 1g tid * 5/7

How many tablets will you dispense?



47. 47. A prescription for MMT: 15mls qd *7/7. What volume will you give?



48. 48. What is a common side effect of Chlorpheniramine?



49. 49. What type of dosage form is an emulsion?



50. 50  Heart burns can be managed in the pharmacy with



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