1. Mrs AS an expectant mother in her eighteenth week comes to your pharmacy with fever, headache, chills and rigors. She has not attended antenatal since she became pregnant

  1. What condition do you think Mrs.  AS is having


  1. What test will be done to confirm it

3. 3. Which of the following medicines will be your first choice


4. 4. What vector is responsible


5. 5. What is the recommended treatment strategy in preventing the condition


6. 6. What is the best way of preventing malaria


7. Mr OD a taxi driver presents with a sneezing,running nose,watery eyes and a mild fever.

7. What condition is Mr OD presenting with


8. 8. What organism is the likely causative agent


9. 9. What medicine will be safe and effective for Mr OD’s condition


10. A one year one baby, JK, is brought to the pharmacy with complains of four loose watery stools within four hours. The mother is weaning JK off breast milk.

10. What condition is JK suffering from


11. 11. What do you think the causative agent


12. 12.What best action will you recommend the mother to take


13. 13. What medicine will be useful to manage JK’s condition


14. 14. Which of these could be a complication if JK’s condition is not handled well


15. 15. What signs should the mother watch out for which may indication there is a complication


16. 17. Which of the following is an antihypertensive medicine


17. 18. Which of the following medicines is useful for cramps


18. 19. The dewormer of choice for pregnant women is


19. 20. Lack of the ………. Can cause bleeding gums and poor healing of wounds


20. 21. Sally has been prescribed 500mg of Amoxicillin three times a day. Sally can’t swallow tablets so has been prescribed Amoxicillin suspension 125mg/ 5mls. How many milliliters of the Amoxicillin suspension do you need to give to Sally for each dose?


21. 22. Convert 360micrograms to milligrams.


22. 23. 300mg aminophylline injection is prescribed. 250mg in 10ml ampoules are available.

The volume of injection required is?


23. 24. An injectable drug is prescribed for a 54kg child for 5days, after cancer treatment. The dose per day is 1 microgram/kg/day. The medication comes in a graduated  pre-filled syringe containing 120 micrograms/0.2ml. Calculate the dose per day


24. 25. A prescription calls for 2000mg of amoxicillin for one dose. If the pharmacy only carries 250mg capsules of amoxicillin, how many capsules will you need to fill this dose?


25. 26. Tab Clo-trimoxazole 720mg ss tid * 3/12 was prescribed for Mr ED. The strength available at the pharmacy is 360mg/tab. Calculate the total number of tablets you will dispense.



26. 27. Tab Aspirin 600mg IBD * 5/52. Strength available  is 300mg/tablet. Calculate the total tablet you will give out?


27. 28. An order is written for 375mg of ampicillin to be given IV qqh for 24hours. Ampicillin is available in a 125mg/50ml concentration. An ampoule is 100ml.

Calculate the total volume in milliliters needed for the prescription.


28. 29. If there are 400,000 units of penicillin in 250mg of penicillin V potassium, how many units of penicillin will a patient receive in a 125mg dose of penicillin V potassium?


29. 30. A prescription was written for 750mg dose of Ciprofloxacillin to be taken 3 times a day for 10 days. There are 500mg of Ciprofloxacillin in one tablet. How many tablets should be dispensed for a 10-day supply?


30. 31. A prescription is written for the patient to take 2 tablets q8hours. The prescription calls for 180 tablets to be dispensed. How long (duration) will this prescription last? Calculate the day’s supply


31. 32. Syrup Paracetamol 62.5mg qid * 7/52 was prescribed. Strength available at the pharmacy is 250mg/10ml. A bottle is 100ml.Calculate the total volume for prescription above?


32. 33. Syrup Paracetamol 62.5mg qid * 7/52 was prescribed. Strength available at the pharmacy is 250mg/10ml. A bottle is 100ml.How many bottles will you dispense?


33. 34. What volume of syrup will give 225mg, if each 5mls contains 300mg?


34. 35. IM Ceftriaxone 2g stat, 500mg bid * 14/7. Strength is 500mg/10ml and volume of one ampoule is 15mls. What volume will be given as a dose for immediately?


35. 36. IM Ceftriaxone 2g stat, 500mg bid * 14/7. Strength is 500mg/10ml and volume of one ampoule is 15mls. How many ampoules will you dispense for the prescription?



36. 37. A patient entered your pharmacy with a prescription that reads


Tab Alendronic acid і 70mg weekly * 28/7.

Calculate the total tablet you will give your patient?


37. 38. How much will the prescription cost?

Susp. Flucloxacillin 500mg qid * 3/52 was prescribed, Strength available is 125mg/5ml

Volume of a bottle = 120mls, Price for a bottle = GH¢ 16.00


38. In each case, select the most appropriate route of administration you will recommend for the various conditions at the pharmacy

39. When a child is profusely vomiting


39. 40. When a lady is having diarrhoea and vomiting



40. 41. A patient with skin condition such as allergic itching, rashes, stings from an insect bite.


41. 42. Dalacin oral susp 600mg PO QID, direction for mixing: Add 100ml of water and shake vigorously. Each 2.5ml contains 100mg of Dalacin.

How many teaspoon of Dalacin will you give?


42. 43.The abbreviation dol.urg means



43. 44. The total number of tablet to dispense for this prescription. “Tab Glibenclamide 10mg mane, 5mg nocte dly* 2/12. Available strength is 2.5mg.


44. Use the case below to answer question 45 and 46

A child was prescribed half tablespoon Susp. Cloxacillin 5ml qid * 6

If a bottle of Susp. Cloxacillin is 100mls.

45. What is the total volume needed for the prescription?


45. 46. Calculate the number of bottles to be dispensed?


46. 47. Calculate the total tablets to dispense for this prescription: Tab Folic acid I q8am * 7/52.


47. 48. MD writes an order for Lortab Elixir 15mg by mouth as needed for pain every 4 hours. Pharmacy dispenses you with 7.5mg/15ml. How many tablespoons will you tell a nurse to administer per dose?


48. 49. Mr ED visited your pharmacy to check for his BMI, his weight was 60kg and height was 160cm. What is his BMI?


49. 50. 550mg of a medication is equivalent to ………………grams


50. 50. 550mg of a medication is equivalent to ………………grams


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