1. 1.      The parasite responsible for causing malaria is


2. 2.    What medicine is used for prevention of malaria in pregnancy in Ghana?


3. 3.      Aluminium containing antacids are known to cause


4. 4.      Which of the following ingredients is useful in managing dry cough?


5. 5.      Which of the following is a sedating antihistamine?

                               I.            Promethazine

                            II.            Diphenhydramine

                         III.            Cyproheptadine

                         IV.            Loratidine


6. 6.      Haematinics usually consists of all the following except


7. 7.      The following drugs belong to the antibacterial antibiotics class except


8. 8.      Which antihistamine would you recommend to a taxi driver who complains of body itching?


9. 9.      Excipients found in liquid preparations include


10. 9.      Excipients found in liquid preparations include


11. 10.      Drugs with similar chemical structures bind to similar receptors and produces similar physiological effects


12. 11.      Serious Reactions or consequences of medicines that is additional to the desired effect of the medicine when taken at the normal dose is


13. 12.      Excipients found in solid preparations include the following except


14. 13.      Pessaries are meant to be inserted into the


15. 14.      Which of the following preparations will exert a systemic effect?


16. 15.      Emulsions are liquid preparations composed of


17. 16.      What preparation will you recommend for a 14-year old child who is not eating properly and hence has lost weight


18. 17.      Deficiency of Ascorbic acid causes


19. 18.      The following are fat soluble vitamins except


20. 18.      The quantity of drug to be taken at a given time is


21. 20.      The following are classes of over the counter drugs except


22. 21.      Paracetamol toxicity mainly affects which organ?


23. 22.      Which of the following dosage forms contain oil?


24. 23.      Ophthalmic  preparations are applied to the


25. 23.      Which of the following drugs is an NSAID?


26. 25.      All the following are examples of weak opioid except?


27. 26.      The maximum daily adult dose of acetaminophen is


28. 27.      The following are NSAIDs except


29. 28.      The maximum daily adult dose of ibuprofen is


30. 29.      The following can be used to manage pain caused by menstrual cramps except


31. 30.      The following drugs belong to the same class of medication except


32. 31.      Which of the following is a corticosteroid?


33. 32.      Stimulant drugs should not be taken during the day.


34. 33.      The antibiotic ciprofloxacin is available as


35. 34.      Which of the following drugs are commonly misused or abused?


36. 35.      What is the meaning of mane as seen on a prescription?


37. 36.      Which of the following viruses is implicated in causing diarrhoea?


38. 37.      Besides watery stools, which of these symptoms also may occur during diarrhea?


39. 38.      Aspirin is contraindicated in which of the following conditions?


40. 39.      The proprietary name of a drug is assigned by the…………………………………


41. 40.      Which of the following auxiliary labels should always be placed on a prescription for an oral suspension?


42. 41.      By which of the following routes are drugs administered directly into the bloodstream?


43. 42.      Which of the following is classified as an over-the-counter (OTC) drug?


44. 43.      To become an MCA in Ghana


45. 44.      A solid dosage form containing active and inactive ingredients and prepared either by compression or molding methods is a:


46. 45.      Fluconazole is to Diflucan as Paracetamol is to _____________.


47. 46.      A preparation of finely divided undissolved drugs dispersed in a liquid vehicle is


48. 47.      Effective communication in pharmacy practice can be hindered by


49. 48.      A substance or a mixture of substances added to a tablet to facilitate its breakup after administration is a:


50. 49.      A solid dosage form in which the drug substance is enclosed in either a hard or soft soluble container or a shell of a suitable form of gelatin is


51. 50.      Which of the following drugs is indicated for the treatment of cold sores?


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